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We work in El Potrillo, 544 km from the capital of Formosa, a Wichi locality with limited access where the communities live. Together with indigenous women, we promote work as a form of empowerment and a dignified life, promoting their management and administration training. We also hold workshops, addressing topics such as women's rights, education, health, sexuality, addictions, among others.


At Niwok we seek to promote the empowerment of Wichí communities. Give you organizational and productive tools so that you are makers of your destiny. And encourage the participation of young people and adolescents in social, cultural, recreational, economic and sports activities.

Our mission is to support, promote and strengthen the processes of the Wichí people, contributing, from the enriching intercultural dialogue, to the improvement of the living conditions of the population.



In 1982, people from different backgrounds came together to work in the inhospitable Monte Formoseño. Giving education to vulnerable groups in the territory was the kick and guide of the work of this group of people. The demands of the Wichí communities for further development as well as the validation of their knowledge were the basis of the work that has been undertaken since then. In 2002, the Niwok Foundation was formalized, starting with 20 women.



Siwan'i is an organization of women artisans from various communities, created by themselves, with the aim of improving their income and quality of life in an organized way. It is a meeting point between delegates, coordinators and women, where the best art objects from northern Argentina are produced. This is the leading organization on the issue of fair remuneration.

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