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For generations, Wichí women have worked together in community, applying ancient techniques. The art objects they produce are their source of work and cultural resignification, at Niwok we seek to assist them in their commercialization and recognition. Siwan'i is the venture involving hundreds of Wichí men and women, governed by the principles of fair trade and responsible consumption, who are our inspiration and admiration.



Silence is your community and silence is your authority exercised with a warm gaze. Delegate of her group, she knew how to make herself intoxicating. With his 54 years, he keeps in his eyes the innocence of a girl. Dorotea always plays. Play to be an artisan, play to trust, play to give advice. Dorotea plays because she knows that this way life is less painful. She knows that if you play with love there are no possible ills or forgetfulness.

photo credits @celine_frers

photo credits @celine_frers



Eugenia, one of the many Cornelio sisters, from the community of Potrillo. The seriousness and sweetness of a permanent smile magically coexist on his face. The hands of Eugenia, the delegate of her group of artisans, are wonderful interpreters of the "fwok´atsaj ch´ otel" (ear of mulita), one of the points and technique of identity.



Rosalía Cornelio is a widow and has many children. From the pain she managed to draw a force that transformed her into a brave and courageous woman. A born defender of her sisters, Rosalía knows that what they do takes time and much, but much effort. And that is the only way to create unique pieces and full of value '. In the photo Rosalía is collecting the chaguar (a plant that -after a long manual process- gives them the thread with which they weave).The collection is done with a machete, as seen in the photo. 

photo credits @celine_frers